Thursday, 27 January 2011

Barney Life No. 24

On Monday, January 24th, our new church organ was installed by Peter G. Lord, his wife and three other strong arms.  As you may recall, our big organ needed a major refit costing very serious money; this new organ, an Ahlborn Praeludium II, costs only a quarter of the price of a refit.
Access to our organ loft is via a winding staircase; most of the components for the new organ could be carried up this staircase but the console couldn't. The photos below show how the console was heaved up and over the balcony of the loft.
Ready to lift!
It's started!
Half way there!
Up and Over!
Job safely done!
Now to remove a spare bench!
All done, safe and sound!


  1. Hope no-one got a hernia from installing that, Father!

  2. At the risk of sounding an ignoramus, is the new organ linked to your old pipes or to modern speakers? Also, I am pleased you have had it installed in the loft and not plonked somewhere at the front of the nave where the choir stands around at the front of the church distracting everyone.

    p.s. Did they take the old one in part-exchange?

  3. Dear Johann Sebastian,
    No, the new organ is quite separate from the old organ; speakers are hidden behind the pipes of the old organ. The old organ remains with us, in the hope that someone in the future can afford the large sum to refurbish it. Are you offering?