Sunday, 10 April 2011

Barney Life No. 28

Sunday -- another beautiful day in Teesdale -- even better because the cold wind which has been blowing for the last few days has stopped blowing!

After my Masses this morning, time for a walk with Storm.  On a weekend he likes nothing better than a stroll up this service road near the desmesnes.
On the way we pass this ruined shed, obviously past its sell-by-date (in the background you can see the upper storeys of the Bowes Museum).
Of course when we reach this cattle grid, we both stare longingly beyond it - this is as far as we go - we must turn and go back the way we came!
And we have time to contemplate again the changing needs of the local farmer.
And so back over the desmesnes for lunch.
This was a misfire, when I meant to turn off the camera - still a nice shot of the ground!

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