Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Weather frosty in the mornings but warm sunshine throughout the day - not bad for the north-east of England!
We are still waiting for an answer from the trustees of Ushaw College to the proposal sent to them about the future of the college.  Of course, there may have been more than one proposal and they may be finding it difficult to decide what to do. But time is pressing - the end of the academic year is fast approaching and the trustees must decide something soon.  I understand that doing nothing and simply closing the college will cost thousands of pounds a month in security.  Maybe, during this week's annual Low Week meeting of the bishops of England and Wales, the bishops of the Northern Province of England who are trustees will find the time to discuss Ushaw and come to some decision.

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  1. No doubt you noticed the advertisement in the May issue of Northern Cross suggesting those wishing to study there should approach Fr Marsland. When I queried it with NX I was told the ad had simply 'slipped through' & should have been removed.
    For 1 exhilarating moment I thought that I had missed some earth shattering announcement whilst on holiday. Als no such luck!
    I find it strange that no announcement has followed the latest meeting of the trustees.