Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Barney Life 38

Now that the Diamond Jubilee celebrations are over (God bless the Queen - she has been Queen almost all my life - I can just remember King George VI, her father), we can say that our celebrations are also over - for the time being (the Olympic torch is due to pass by my church in a fortnight's time).
The annual Barney Meet took place on Monday, and  - you've guessed it -  the theme of the floats was as expected.  Here are some pictures.

Yesterday, Tuesday, our street had its 'street party', though because the weather was a little bit undecided, the party was held indoors.  It was very interesting to meet one's neighbours, in a convivial setting, and not just as passersby on the street. More pictures.

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  1. Hi Father
    Looking at your pics reminds me of the definition of 'a gentleman'

    Someone who can play the bagpipes - but doesn't

    Keep well