Tuesday 21 December 2010

Ushaw Petition

I would like to ask all my readers to take the trouble to go to the following link and sign the petition which you will find there requesting the Trustees of Ushaw College to reconsider closure of the College until consultations can take place.

The main thrust of the petition is this:
1.  The absence of any consultation or discussion prior to the decision being made,
2.  The prospect of St Cuthbert’s Chapel no longer being available for Catholic     worship,
3.  The apparent lack of consideration given to ways of securing a future for the college,
4.  The loss of more than 60 jobs in an area where alternative employment is scarce.
  In the light of these considerations, we urge that the trustees of Ushaw College forestall its closure until such time as:-

1.  a proper study has been made of options that would enable it to continue to serve the Catholic population of northern England,
2.  there has been the opportunity for the closure to be debated publicly.

1 comment:

  1. Fr Elkin

    Does anyone know who is sponsoring this petition?

    Dr Tony Cowell, Old Vocker