Saturday 25 June 2011

Barney Life No. 36

After weeks of preparation, today (Saturday, June 25th) has been First Holy Communion Day for fourteen of our children. Our preparation for the Sacraments of Confession and Communion began on the first Saturday of Lent and continued each Saturday, except at Easter, until today.   The children came to church for nine o'clock and were given half an hour's instruction by my catechist, Mrs Goldberg, and myself.  Their parents have been wonderfully supportive, bringing the children along on time each day.
This morning the church was crowded with families and friends of the children for the Mass which began at 10 am; the Mass was a Votive Mass of Corpus Christi, with the readings from Cycle C.  Before Mass the children processed into church to take their places in the front benches, the girls dressed like little brides and the boys like  pageboys. During the very short sermon, I told them that they were taking a big step forward in the best faith in the whole world, and asked them to be very quiet and still after they had received Holy Communion to tell Jesus that they loved Him and thanked Him.  They all took part in the Offertory Procession, and at the moment of Holy Communion they all received the Body of Christ with the utmost reverence. At the end of Mass, certificates were presented and photographs taken.
Outside, on the lawn and under the tent, a great feast had been prepared for our children, and tea and chat was the order of the day for the adults.  Everyone agreed that it had been a wonderful occasion - even the weather, which had been very drear up to this point, dried up and cheered up!
And there is more to come tomorrow! Here are a few photos of the event.
The Gathering
Coming into Church

After Mass - photo getting organised
This is us!
Us again!
Small group
There can never be too many photos!
The Communion breakfast
And from the other end!
The sun is a bit bright!
The Bun Fight
All swinging together

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