Saturday 27 August 2011

The Ushaw Cemetery

I am writing this for the benefit of [Anonymous], who left the following Comment about the Ushaw College cemetery:

Can anybody please enlighten my sister and I as to the fate of the cemetery at Ushaw? Our Brother and Father's ashes are both buried side by side there, our mother is terminally ill and only has a short time left with us. Her greatest wish is to have her ashes laid alongside those of her Husband and Son.We have tried to contact the college on several occasions,to no avail. Can anybody please 
help us?!!!!!!!!

You may have heard that Ushaw College has been closed down by the Trustees of the College.  The question of what is going to be the future of the College is very much an ongoing question, and the answer to your query about the cemetery depends on what happens to the rest of the College. At least two propositions have been put forward for the future of the College, one by Durham University and another by the Ushaw College Heritage Group.  If the Trustees look kindly on the proposal put forward by the UCHG, I feel sure that we would be able to do something about the upkeep and future development of the cemetery.  If you would like to read the recent Newsletter of the UCHG, you will find it Ushaw Catholic Heritage Group Newsletter.  In the meantime, may we all ask your prayers for the future of our great College.


  1. Could I suggest, Father, that your "Anonymous" contact the diocesan authorities (via the ordinary) who are presumably still responsible for the "site" (albeit sadly no longer a seminary)? I'm sure that there must be some ongoing legal responsibility for burial grounds.