Friday 2 March 2012


This is what I have written on my Sunday Weekly Bulletin for my parishioners to read this coming Sunday; I feel that my readers would like to do the same as I hope my parishioners will do.

Members of the Government seem to be very keen to change the meaning of the word "marriage" to suit their own ideas of what they think marriage should mean.  This is just plumb crazy and undemocratic, and I would like to ask everyone who can to type this link into their browser and read the statement about marriage and then sign the petition.

Here is the link: click here

Here is what Keith (married parishioner) has written about this proposal:
Please act now to protest the proposed introduction of ‘Same-Sex marriage’ in our country by supporting the C4M [Coalition for Marriage] petition at We must use every means to let our MPs & Government know, that massive numbers of people are opposed  to  this  heinous  mockery of true Marriage.Apart from the obvious moral, religious & biological arguments against the proposition there are other pragmatic objections including:
· Redefining Marriage as proposed is undemocratic ; no Politicians were voted in on this ticket
· Protecting traditional Marriage safeguards children & society
· Redefining Marriage will be complex & expensive to implement
· Civil partnership legislation already exists
· Schools would be forced to teach any new definition.
Please now go to  Click here
Sign the petition now.

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