Thursday 26 April 2012

Catholicism and Father Barron

This afternoon, I drove from Barnard Castle to Washington, to the St Robert of Newminster School, to listen to Father Robert Barron, the American priest who authored the Catholicism series of DVDs and the book to accompany the series. The roads were awash after the monsoon-like weather we have just had and some roads were closed - but I made it in time.
I took this quick snap after Father had finished giving his talk, just as I was following the Running Man to the Exit.
His series on Catholicism was mentioned before his talk began, but he was speaking about what he called "the theo-drama - a play in five acts".  The first act of the theo-drama was Creation, the second the Fall, the third the Preparation of the Israelite people as His own People, the fourth the Coming of the Messiah, the fifth Evangelisation and the Spreading of the Message of God's free gift of love.
He is an engaging speaker, and his insights were fascinating to hear, and the audience of priests, sisters and catechists from around the diocese listened intently to what he said.
I will now go and fill in the form to order the series of DVDs and the book as well.

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  1. At his Wednesday launch - impressed! His evening address on Thursday was a touch too academic for me though!