Monday 21 May 2012

Ascension Thursday Sunday

I noticed this name for Sunday's feast in the OF on Father Z's blog last week (and there is more about it on today's blog).  I thought that this was a good name for Sunday's feast and so I put the name on my Weekly Bulletin which I produced for Sunday.  I explained to my congregation at each of my Masses that since Thursday was the proper day for the feast of the Ascension that this was a good name for the transferred feast. We had just read in both the 'English' Mass and the Latin Mass that Our Lord had spent forty days, not forty-three days, with his Apostles.  The tradition of celebrating the Ascension on the Thursday goes back to the time of the Apostles themselves - this is a long tradition of the Church. Some people, I said, do not care for the Church's traditions, but I love them - they are where we come from, and they have made us what we are. I added that I hoped that the Bishops would soon give us back this ancient tradition of celebrating the Ascension on its proper day. Thursday!

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  1. As a holidaymaker passing through your Parish and thereafter following up the Newsletter links the thought struck me you should join us in Scotland!
    Refreshing to see so much work going into your Parish and communications.