Monday 11 June 2012

Corpus Christi

This year there has been only one child for First Holy Communion.


Emma, pictured here, has had weeks of preparation for the Big Day.  On Saturday, she made her First Confession. Afterwards, I told her that after making her First Communion on Sunday she would be able to receive Holy Communion at every Mass which she attended. She though a bit, and then asked a very prescient question: "Even when I go to Scotland?" (Her family is Scottish, and they regularly go up to Scotland). I assured her that Scotland is also a part of the Catholic Church.
On the Sunday afternoon, we held our annual Blessed Sacrament Procession - inside the Church this year, as the weather was so dodgy. A nice turnout of traditional parishioners.  We processed around the church until we came to the back of the church where we had a Benediction, after which we circled the church once again, ending at the sanctuary where we had a second Benediction.  Emma, our First Communion girl, took pride of place in the procession.  The singing was unaccompanied but very enthusiastic; the hymns were all the traditional Blessed Sacrament hymns.  I meant to have some photos taken, but unfortunately forgot to ask anyone to do the job!

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