Friday, 18 February 2011

Barney Life No. 25

On Saturday, February 12th, Paul Waddington, LMS Treasurer, arranged a Latin Mass Servers Day at the Church of the English Martyrs in York. David O'Neill, joint Diocesan Rep for the LMS, has a full report here.

Amongst the participants were the Watson family.

The father, Doctor Carl, from nearby Darlington, has been serving on St Mary's sanctuary for a few months, but, for his two boys, serving for a Traditional Latin Mass is a totally new experience.  However the photo shows the three of them all ready to tackle their first Mass after the training at York. This is my normal Tuesday evening Mass, but you will understand that their first Mass was a bit of a shambles. However, I am a great believer of chucking them in at the deep end, and I think that the boys were just as keen afterwards as they were at the beginning - practice makes perfect! And I look forward to welcoming them back next Tuesday.

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