Thursday, 3 February 2011

Ushaw Statement

A subcommittee of the Trustees has issued the following statement:

“We can confirm that the commercial activities of the Conference Centre have ceased, and the Centre closed, with effect from 31 December 2010. A number of teaching and non-teaching staff remain at Ushaw College, where the activities of St Cuthbert’s Seminary will continue until June 2011.
“The seminarians currently engaged in study at St Cuthbert’s Seminary will continue with their studies as planned. It is proposed that those with studies which are to continue after June 2011 will be transferred to another seminary although the future of their studies is a matter for their respective dioceses.
“The Trustees have established a Steering Group, chaired by Bishop Mark Davies (bishop of Shrewsbury), which includes Bishop Tom Williams (auxiliary in Liverpool) along with members of teaching and non-teaching staff at Ushaw College. The Steering Group will also have a representative of the Patrimony Committee of the Catholic Bishops Conference of England and Wales, who have indicated that Sophie Andreae, Deputy Chair of the Patrimony Committee, will be asked to support the work of the group. There have also been several offers of assistance from eminent individuals and charities, and further formal announcements may be made in due course should the individuals or charity wish to make their support a matter for public knowledge. The remit of the group is to look strategically at the entire estate, including its buildings, land, libraries, archives and collections, and provide a report to the Trustees about options for its future.
“We are aware that Ushaw College has considerable support within the Roman Catholic community and are grateful for all of the offers to assist at this uncertain and distressing time. It should, however, be said that whilst there are proposals to be discussed, no firm solutions are available at this time. We will not engage in speculative conversations with any organisation or individuals not directly involved in those discussions until the appropriate time. Private meetings and conversations will remain confidential so as not to raise false hopes should discussions fall through and also to allow for full and frank discussions to take place away from the public eye.”

This statement from the subcommittee, whilst very welcome, sounds a bit cautious and vague.  It is to be hoped that they are being guided by sound business people as well as by people of sound faith.  We know that things are happening 'under the radar', and that the subcommittee really wish to discuss all genuine offers about keeping Ushaw open.


  1. Dear Fr. Thank you for this Post. Be assured that my prayerful support for Ushaw's continuing Catholic existence is ongoing.

    I have enjoyed your 2010 photographic Posts about Ushaw. Very poignant and an historical tour de force.

    I had the pleasure of meeting you at Ushaw in April 2010 at the LMS Training Conference. I attended as a Server.

    I wish you all success in this ongoing campaign. I have signed the on-line petition and hope to meet you again, before too long, in a rejuvenated and successful Ushaw. in Domino.

  2. Thank you, Zephyrinus, for this Comment. That week at Ushaw was a good week. I feel sure that we have shall any more in due course.

  3. It's a brush off phrased to keep people quiet.