Thursday, 3 February 2011

Ushaw College from the Air

This is Ushaw College, in a photo taken from the air: this is the College many of us are trying to persuade the Trustees to keep open: not just a single building, but a very large group of buildings; and the estate which surrounds these buildings is even more extensive. Personal recollections of most of these buildings with photos can be found on this blog in the month of September 2010 (scroll down on the right hand column).
Briefly - from the front right - the Big Library; in the centre the main accommodation block; to the left of that, jutting out, St Cuthbert's Chapel. At the back of the quadrangle, the Refectory. To the right of that, the New East Wing (Conference Centre). The group of buildings to the left of the photo is the Junior House, with St Aloyisius Chapel facing St Cuthbert's Chapel. At the back of the premises, you may able to make out the College Cemetery, with graves going back to the typhoid outbreak of 1808-1809 ( what will happen to the Cemetery, I wonder, if Ushaw closes?) If you wish to see a larger picture, centre your cursor on the photo and left-click.
If you haven't yet signed the IPetition calling on the Trustees to save the College (, please do so now.

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