Tuesday 4 December 2012


When Twitter first started up some years ago, I joined straight away, but rapidly lost interest. And I tried to delete my account, but I don't think that I ever succeeded.
However, now that the Pope has decided to start tweeting (although perhaps not personally), I think that I will start again. My new hash-tag is @parochusbarnie
I think that I will tweet comments about the saint of the day or something from the ferial Mass of the day.
I may even start blogging again!


  1. Good to hear you will be blogging again.

    (BTW, actually, @parochusbarnie is your twitter-handle. Hash tags (#) are added to phrases to help them act as search terms or trending topics)

    1. Thanks, Mac. Just shows how much I know. At least I will not be making any mistakes with LOL!