Thursday 27 December 2012

Christmas 2012

A Happy Christmas to all readers.  That is, if the word 'Happy' is still acceptable.  So often when I have said "Happy Christmas", I get the reply "Merry Christmas".  Have I missed something? Has the word 'Happy' been expunged? It is true that I do not like the Happitudes (Happy are those who mourn, etc) but 'Happy' is still a good word.
So a very HAPPY AND MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all!

Here are photos of our altar and crib here in Barnard Castle this Christmas Day.


  1. It's strange, but another blogger was castigating us all for not using "merry" but replacing it with "happy"...

    And today someone at church wished me "season's greetings!"...

  2. Thank you, Fr, for your Christmas wishes.

    A very Happy, Holy & Peaceful Christmas to you, your Parish and all your Readers.

    in Domino

  3. It is really a different blog of others. Greatly happy Christmas from me..................

  4. Hello?

    My later father trained as a priest at Ushaw College in the 1950s. He left the Church after Vatican II though. His name was Alan Lynn. Might you remember him? He died when I was very young and I have very few memories. I have no other family.