Friday 17 May 2013

Mr Heron .... again!

I know that I haven't blogged for some time, but Mr Heron has again got me all shook up, and I feel the need to tell someone!
Yesterday morning, when I returned at 5.45 am from my early morning walk, as I walked up the drive with my faithful companion, Storm, with a great flapping of wings, the heron took off from the pond and flew away over the nearby roof-tops.  He is a big bird, Mr Heron! I am more used to sparrows, pigeons and even jackdaws, but a heron beats them all.
I determined to try and find out how he behaved when visiting my pond, so I began to watch the surveillance recording for the half an hour of my walk.  The heron arrived shortly after I left the house at 5.15 and he landed on a bare patch where there used to be a large bush which I had agreed should be taken out. Silly me. But I thought that spot was still too high above the water of the pond. Then he made his way into the run-off from the filter tank, and then - Horror of Horrors! - he jumped into the water and began to swim like an ungainly swan! Did you know that herons can swim? I do now! As far as I could see, he caught three fish for his breakfast, and only flew off when I made my appearance.
Yesterday afternoon I feverishly extended my fence system of protection, and trailed some redundant cables across the length of the pond to deter swimming. I hope that I have done enough!
I haven't seen him so far this morning, but if I do I shall have some harsh words for him.


  1. Good to see you back Fr Elkin!
    You missed a good occasion at St Augustine's, Darlington when Fr Tully celebrated his first Missa Cantata. Not a huge congregation but a lovely occasion

  2. Good to see you back too Fr!!!
    I'm sure you told me a story in your Ryhope days about a priest with a shotgun during Mass, removing a pigeon problem in church and nearly killing a sister of mercy with falling debris ? just wondering if this could be a solution !?

    Paul @ Ryhope

    1. Dear Paul
      You are right about the priest and his shotgun.
      I have been toying with the idea of an IED (a small one mind you), or trip-wires and firecrackers. But I will settle for a net across the pond!
      He came back this morning at 5 am, but I think he left empty-handed (or mouthed!)