Tuesday 21 May 2013

Gay Marriage?

So the de-christianisation of the British Isles continues apace!  Led by a man who says he believes in marriage and family life.
How could Maria Miller, the minister, keep a straight face in Parliament yesterday when she said that marriage is the bedrock of society? Surely it is only the 'bedrock of society' because it can increase and sustain society for future generations? All other gettings-together may be wonderful, but they do not 'increase and multiply'.
It is claimed that the first 'gay marriage' will take place next year.  I wonder how soon the first teacher will be sacked because he or she refuses to teach gay marriage. How soon will the first priest be denounced because he adheres to the Church's teaching about marriage as a union of man and woman for the birth and upbringing of children? Of course, these things are already happening, and no doubt there are those who would like to raise the temperature because they fundamentally hate and wish to destroy Christianity.
God help us all.

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  1. You know what bothers me? We already have civil partnerships - with which I wholeheartedly agree as a LEGAL protection - and, perhaps, they should also be used by siblings who live together again for protection in the survivor of such a partnership legally a claim on joint property which they do not presently have.
    My own MP, a baptised Catholic with a Catholic education, boasted, when questioned, that she had voted for same sex marriage. She was less boastful (in fact silent) when it was pointed out to her that she was being disobedient to both Church & natural law by supporting such legislation. This was especial disobedience as there was a free vote & she, consequently, made a conscious decision to disobey.