Friday 31 May 2013

Rosary Relay For Priests

Rosary Relay for Priests is an attempt to encircle the globe from midnight to midnight of Friday, June 7th, with the saying of the Rosary from one shrine of Our Lady to the next.  However, all this week, I have become convinced that the day for the Rosary was today, until I realised just before Mass that I had got it wrong (again!).  Even so, I explained to my congregation that we would say the Rosary after Mass "because it may be that that some priest somewhere needs our prayers and couldn't wait untill next Friday".
And so we did.
And, anyway, by the end of the day, that priest could be me!
I think this Rosary Relay For Priests is a splendid idea; I hope everyone will join in, either with a congregation or on your own.

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