Tuesday 24 June 2014

A Fishy Story

Some weeks ago I promised a story about my fish. This is not that story, because I am in something of a quandary.
As you can see, the surrounds of the tank, especially the structure holding the filter tank, are beginning to fall apart. And if the filter tank falls to the ground, I will need to take emergency action. However, I was able, in the last week or so, to get a glimpse of the inhabitants of the fish tank (they are not easy to see, because the water is rather green), and I managed to see six 'silvery' types of fish, maybe sterlets, and three gold fish. I should transfer them a soon as possible to the main pond. But herein lies the quandary.
This is feeding time in the pond. I try to cover the surface of the water with food nuggets as quickly as possible, but within seconds forty or fifty fish, large and small, are trying to grab something to eat. Chaos reigns - it is a wonder that there are so very few collisions and no fights at all.
But this is my quandary - shall I put another nine fish into this existing melee, or shall I just wait until something bad happens with the other tank?


  1. Have you considered discussing this with Mr Heron? I am sure that he would have an answer to your quandary.

  2. Mr Heron has been a silent partner for quite some time, and I don't think he would be able to help.
    No. 1