Friday 27 June 2014

The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

Once again, a lovely feast to celebrate today, both in the Ordinary and the Extraordinary Forms.
Those who have studied at Ushaw College or visited the St Cuthbert's Chapel will recall that, as you leave the Chapel and enter the Antechapel, there is a beautiful statue of Our Lady to the left of the entrance and a statue of the Sacred Heart to the right. During my time there, after morning Mass almost everybody, on going out of chapel, turned to the left and genuflecting offered a quick prayer to Our Lady and then proceeded out, bypassing the Sacred Heart. I remember some spiritual director saying that if we wanted to ensure our eventual ordination we should always stop for a moment before the Sacred Heart and pray for that intention. I did that, day after day, and fifty odd years ago I was ordained. Perhaps more people should pray to the Sacred Heart for vocations to the priesthood.


  1. Dear Fr, Thank You for your Priestly Life. I echo your suggestion that more people should Pray to The Sacred Heart for Vocations to the Priesthood. In Domino.

  2. Hello Fr, I certainly remember your great devotion to the SHJ in Ryhope and am confident it has been the root of your priestly success and the people from the communities you have served. On a more serious note just wondering who the patron saint of pond fish is ? ..... St Polycarp.... Maybe... Hope small tank situation is solved ?