Friday 19 June 2015

A Fishy Tale

A couple of days ago, I got around to doing what I had intended to do since last year -  to empty and dismantle the fish tank. I transferred four fish ( three gold fish and one whose name I forget) to the main pond - they are all swimming happily together. I asked my electrician to come and sort out the eletrics. Which he did, and then he set forth to dismantle the tank, as you can see. I think we were just in time to take it apart - the wooden supports were mostly mush, and the whole thing was in grave danger of collapsing.  We discussed selling the tank on Ebay, with some other equipment.  Fish tank, anyone?

After the job wasd done, he asked about my latest dog Prince. I took him to meet the dog, and he was immediatey impressed; he said "There's no badness in him at all" (Ican only hope that is right). He also explained some of the stroking habits which I had picked up because the dog obviously liked them, telling me that stroking his head was the usual rpreamble to calm the racing dog before putting him into the trap at the beginning of the race.  Looking into his ears, he pointed out tattoos in each ear, one he said would be the dog's racing name and the other would be the owners' initials. When I can confirm the tattoos I hope to be able to find him on the internet and I would love to see if he had won any races.


  1. Don't get rid of your fish tank, Father, it could be used for baptisms: I believe that total immersion is very popular in some places.

  2. What a coincidence having found this blog today with the title a fishy tale; when I wrote a story yesterday about my fish tank.

    God bless.

  3. Good Luck with the tattoos Father!
    God Bless