Sunday 7 June 2015

Sunday June 7th

That's me! Prince!

I'm at home and at peace.


......though I suppose My Master will be getting out of His chair pretty soon, and then I will have to get up as well.  I need to follow Him wherever He goes, 'cos I think He is older than me (something to do with those cards with numbers on, which I don't understand) and I have to check that He does not find Himself in difficulties, nor that He is going to run away and leave me alone.  I don't run after Him too much now, because I can guess sometimes what He is going to do next - I have learnt quite a bit since I came here a few weeks ago. Of course I like all the people that I meet here in this place, but I still feel funny about some of the other four legged creatures I meet, and My Master drags me away from them.  Pity!
I call Him My Master, but we all know who is the real master in this house, don't we, but I have decided that it is probably a good thing to let Him go on thinking He's The Boss

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  1. Lovely post . Pleased you are settled Prince. You must be such good company for your Master!