Friday 29 May 2015

Friday May 29th

Breakfast....after our early morning walk around the streets of Barnie.

A satisfied least for the moment.

Our midday walk around the Mains was interrupted by rain. I stopped to offer Prince the chance to go back home - my dog Storm would have taken the offer, but Prince is made of sterner stuff (being younger and dafter), and wanted to continue - we got drenched by the storm.

I now realise that he walks very well on the lead, having obviously been trained to do so; no doubt his racing owners would have walked him every day. The only time he pulls is when he wants to examine something off to the right or left; I always go with him, because I have little choice - he's very strong! I am still not sure whether he likes other dogs - he had a barking match with two nice looking dogs yesterday. So he stays on the lead until I can be sure.


  1. Dear Father. How lovely these updates are.

    Thank you very much.

    in Domino

  2. He is a beauty! When next we come to Barnie (???) we hope to meet him & see you too Fr