Sunday 17 May 2015

Sunday May 17th

We continue with our orientation walks, very early in the morning today, along Newgate, with the iconic Butter Market (centre in the distance), through the car park and back along Birch Road. I hope to show Prince where he lives so that if he 'escapes' he will know how to get back home again.

I have come to the conclusion that he is a clumsy dog. He bumps into things, whether walking forward or backwards (he does that a lot) and when he has a good shake his legs go in all directions and he can thump anything in range.  I had to come downstairs just after 2.30 am when I heard a great crash, and found that he had dragged a number of electronic devices off a shelf, getting tangled up with the cables and presumably by shaking, and the crash was very noisy. No damage done, and all sorted out in a minute. But whereas my dog Storm lived with those cables for years without pulling on them Prince caused chaos in a couple of days.

He enjoyed the end of my 10.30 Mass this morning.  He found his way into church when some youngsters opened the inter-connecting house door to deliver the collections into the house, and once into the church he approached everybody still there after Mass and received plenty of cuddles and kind words; he was very popular and he knew it and loved it!


  1. I knew he was R.C. Father, coming from the Emerald Isle could he be anything else?

  2. Hi Fr
    I had 2 dogs;a cairn terrier (Raffles) & a Jack Russell (Domino). Raffles was brilliant even after he went completely blind - he taught Domino to cope with stairs - while Domino was uncoordinated. We found out after she died that she had had a brain tumour probably from birth. She would run at the door - and miss - jump over a kerb - & catch the edge, but she was very loving. We hope you enjoy Prince (& he you) for many years. God Bless & remember us in your prayers
    David & Theresa