Saturday 16 May 2015

Saturday May 16th

 Prince is settling down nicely. He recognised his bedding place as soon as he came into the sitting room - right next to His Master's favourite chair. And he does understand the command "Go and lie down"
 But he also likes to stretch out on the indestructable rug in front of the fireplace.
 (The 80th birthday card does not refer to Prince, but to His Master)
 As far as food is concerned Prince gives the impression that he is permanently on the verge of starvation.  I know that this is not true, but he will eat anything. After carrying my breakfast tray into the sitting room today, he made a quick dart for the cornflakes, got a good telling off, and two seconds later he grabbed a slice of bread (along with a napkin) - he got another telling off. He was quite unrepentant.

As far as social relationships are concerned, Prince is keen to meet people, travel by car and enter houses which are totally new to him. He was very and quietly patient with the two youngsters he met in their house yesterday afternoon. After years during which my dog Storm kept as far away as possible from other humans, this behaviour is much more regular dog-behaviour and I hope that this progress is maintained.  We have only had four walks so far around the district  but I hope that soon he will  know his way around Barnard Castle (and be able to find his way home if he escapes!)

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