Monday 18 May 2015

Monday May18th

Another early morning walk around Bowes Museum, to give Prince a good idea of where he lives. He is certainly very happy in my house and around the grounds, in particular he is trying to find the wild rabbit which has taken up residence in my garden (However I noticed a dead rabbit slain by car or lorry on the pavement below the garden - I think it may be 'my' rabbit, so it may be too late to search for it).

At lunchtime I took him for a walk around the Desmesnes (locally the Mains) again on a familiarisation walk.  The Desmesnes is a huge stretch of land, donated by the Lord of the Manor centuries ago to the people of Barnard Castle in perpetuity - you can still see evidence of the strip-farming which took place here, though now it is a wide open space loved by dog-walkers and pedestrians alike where developement is not permitted.  We were approached by a lady, my church organist, with her two dogs on leads (as was mine) and a barking match took place. Her dog barked first but Prince retaliated and barked last.  My ears are still ringing with the noise!  When however we were immediaely approached by a litle black puppy which submissively lay on its back, Prince who was still excited by the barking match made a lunge for the puppy - whether as a play or perhaps something more sinister I was not quite sure.  I dragged him off, and no harm done, but either way the action made me think, and Prince will have to stay on his lead until I am sure.


  1. Father, you said that your new dog is always hungry. Perhaps he saw the submissive little black puppy as his lunch when he lunged for it?