Monday 25 May 2015

Monday May 25th

Just when I thought I was making progress.......

Item # One:  I think that I mentioned once before that Prince is a sort of Hungry Horace Dustbin On Four Long Legs. Yesterday he finished off a saucerful of pink grapefruit, which I had left easily available; I left them because I do not care for pink grapefruit, but I have never known any of my dogs to be interested in soft fruit either. I know he wasn't really hungry, because he is getting used to eating his meals at times which suit me in the way that I have always fed my dogs.  And he had just wolfed his lunch.
Item # Two:  I had thought (too much thinking) that he was getting used to the idea that if I went out he had begun to realise that I would return. Yesterday I was out for two hours in the early evening, to say Evening Mass in Middleton-in-Teesdale, and when I returned his excitement that I had actually come back was ecstatic, not to say positively dangerous, with him leaping, bouncing, twirling about, crashing into things (and me).  Still some way to go there then!

One morning we walked through Waterloo Yard into the Market, and after a long look around I managed to take this photo of the Market Cross, also called the ButterMarket.

The Butter Market was built in the eighteenth century for the burghers of Barnard Castle to discuss sales and strategy, but now serves as a roundabout to test the driving capabilities of the HGV drivers who have to go round it. Most of them succeed, without damage to their lorries or to the Butter Market.

Otherwise, Prince and I are still good friends.


  1. Dear Father, your life seems full of excitement now! I suspect you have found yourself a very loyal and affectionate dog but do be careful of being knocked over by his enthusiasm when you waak in the door: your bones are not as young as his! I'm looking forward to the next instalemnt in the Prince saga...if you can afford to keep on feeding him!

  2. How fortunate you are Father to have a loyal friend like Prince. I have always loved dogs but couldn't face the trauma of losing one.