Sunday 3 October 2010

Barney Life No. 10 (posted 05/08/2010)

August 5th
Hedge Cutting Day
It is just as well that I checked my hedge-cutting machinery on Tuesday, because that evening John O decided that Thursday would be a good day for cutting the hedge. So, straight after morning Mass, (today, Thursday), John B and I began to trim the sides of the hedge.  John O arrived half an hour later with his truck and a horse-box type trailer.  He immediately attacked the hedge at the five foot mark with his chain-saw, and immediately extra daylight began to flood into the garden.  One-armed Anthony turned up to help with clearing up; John B and I agreed that he was better with his one arm than we were with two arms each!  The cuttings from the hedge were all loaded into John O's trailer, and by late afternoon we had two trailer loads.  We worked all morning, until a short break for lunch (and a walk for my dog Storm) and gathered again in the afternoon to complete most of the work.  There is still a small amount of cutting to do; we hope to get that done tomorrow.  I have placed here two photos - before and after, and below that an album of the work in progress.  We are all shattered!
Hedge 1
Hedge f

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