Saturday 9 October 2010

Barney Life No. 13 (posted 19/08/2010)

Mr Heron!  Mr No-Show!
Since my last post about the invading heron, there has been no sign of him.  He usually arrives at breakfast-time for an early snack after his flight from the heronry.  I have had other smaller visitors - a beautiful dragon fly (I was so fascinated watching it flitting around the dog and me, apparently curious about us, that I forgot to photograph it) and a wagtail.  But not a sight of the heron. 
I wonder if this could be the reason.
Brolly Scarecrow
Yes, I know - to you and me it looks like a folded sun-umbrella (and that is what it is). But to the heron, flying up there or perhaps perched on the church roof, it may look like danger.   I know that he is anxious about any movement in the house and flies off at once if he sees anything, but, with the wind fluttering the fabric and the brolly being moved every couple of days, I think that it makes quite a good scarecrow.
Anyway, here is a bonus photograph.  Can you see three ghosts?
Ghosts   Ghost Koi, of course.

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