Friday 1 October 2010

Barney Life No. 7 (posted 26/07/2010)

Monday, July 26th
Yesterday I celebrated all my Sunday Masses  and ended the day with Rosary and Benediction - nothing unusual in that.  However when I was preaching at my 9 am Latin Mass I noticed two ladies at the back of the church whom I didn't recognise.  After Mass they approached me and told me that they came from Middlesbrough, a round trip of about ninety miles, just so that they could have the pleasure of being at a Latin Mass.  One of the ladies told me that she had been passing the church a few weeks ago and was astonished to find that it was open all day.  How times have changed since all churches were always open all day!
The other unusual thing that happened yesterday was that I received an email from Lourdes with a comment on an earlier post.  I am amazed that anyone on pilgrimage to Lourdes would be reading my blog!  Jim comments about our Bishop's letter in which he talks about "new structures"; he says that we do not need "new structures" but that I should ask the Bishop to start speaking authoritatively from his Cathedra (sic) on birth control ... before the Catholic population dies out altogether .... then tell him to implement Summorum Pontificum.  He says the we do not need more "structures"; we need, he says, "instruction and solid doctrine not the Charismatic mush we are getting at Lourdes".
Jim, I doubt that the Bishop reads my blog but perhaps there will be someone who will pass on your comments to him! In the meantime, say one for us who are still at home.

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