Wednesday 29 September 2010

Barney Life No. 2 (posted 09/07/2010)

The Mary Garden
On Monday, July 5th, I was invited to go along to our school, St Mary's, to bless their new Mary Garden. 20100709_4The Garden stands at the entrance of the School drive (the building to the left is not part of the School).  When the Garden was finished, passersby were invited to write their comments in a notebook, and everybody was very complementary.
Mary Garden
The statue is very modern, but charming; the layout is very striking; the children were heavily involved in the design and creation of the Garden.  Unfortunately, a strong wind during the night knocked over a number of tall growing plants. When I arrived to do the Blessing, all the children came out of the School and took part in the Blessing ceremony.  I encouraged them to say a Hail Mary when they came into, or left, the School, or at least to say "Hello, Mary!" to acknowledge her presence and influence in our School.

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