Thursday 23 September 2010

PostScriptum (posted 17/04/2010)

An additional thought about my talk on Thursday evening at the Conference Dinner. 
I had worked out an attention-catching phrase with which to start my talk, but then I forgot what it was; I remembered it ten minutes after I had sat down!  The words about 'sending in the clowns' popped into my head, and I used that.  What I had intended to say was: "Reverendissimi Patres et Fratres.  I am an Old Voccer".  I could have had fun with that, insisting that it was a "V" and not something else.
And then the explanation!  When I was at Ushaw, if we saw a unknown priest in the College, someone of my present advanced age, we would say to each other, "Whose the old voccer?"  It was not intended as an insult; it simply meant, "Who is the priest whose Vocation to the priesthood has lasted for such a long time?" An old priest is an Old Voccer.
I wonder if I should have that as my new password.  Or else just call me An Old Voccer!

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