Saturday 25 September 2010

Ushaw College Photo Essay Number Four (posted 6'05/2010)

These photos came out better than I expected; they are of the model of Ushaw College, which is now in the Front Ambulacrum, though in my time at Ushaw it was centre piece in the Museum, now sadly cleared and turned into some kind of rather weird two-way facing chapel.  The model is in a glass case, with reflections from nearby windows and the edges of the case visible.

 The top photo clearly shows the main front block of the College buildings with the quadrangle behind, and with the East and West Ambulacra forming a square with the wash-place and Refectory making the fourth side.  On the northern end of the East Ambulacrum is the site of the original chapel but which is now the Hall.  To the left of main block is the Big Library and to the right is St Cuthbert's Chapel.  Behind St Cuthbert's is the Museum (was the Museum) and behind that is the Infirmary.

The second photo shows the Big Library, with Div's (Divines) Classrooms behind it. The large building behind that is what has become the new Conference Centre - originally intended to be new classrooms and living accommodation for the ever-expanding College student population (didn't happen). And to the right of the photo the area we called The Bounds.

In the third photo we have the Junior House (the Junior Sem(inary), main entrance in centre, study-place (stewpot) to the left and St Aloysius chapel to the right.   The Swimming Bath and the Gymnasium are on the corridor which links to Junior Sem to the main College.  Behind the Swimming Bath you may just make out the white walls of the College Cemetery.
I will be posting about the Junior Seminary, The Bounds, the Cemetery and the gardens and Pond at the front of the College fairly soon.

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