Tuesday 21 September 2010

This is the Bowes Museum, the museum which John and Josephine Bowes built to house their collection of treasures.  It is the largest building for many miles around, a French chateau in the Durham countryside.  (The weather on Friday, March 19th, was dull but dry).  Look at the top of the Museum, at the central cupola - that is the new Reading Room. To get to it, you must take a lift to the second floor, climb two flights of stairs, past the 'attic' level, and then take the circular staircase to the top.  Quite a climb!  The photos which follow were taken from the windows of the cupola.

Entrance to the Museum grounds and formal gardens.

My Church, St Mary's, the Bowes Memorial Church, is in the centre of the picture, among the trees.

From one of the roundel windows, St Mary's is visible among the trees

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