Saturday 25 September 2010

St Mary's Fish Pond (posted 04/06/2010)

Feeding Time
I first began keeping fish many years ago, back in St Patrick's Ryhope (near Sunderland).  My first pond was simply a hole in the ground with a plastic sheet to hold the water, then I graduated to a concrete swimming bath affair; and finally at Ryhope I hired a small machine and excavated a large pond, covered it with a proper membrane, and finally I had a real pond.  When I came to Barnard Castle, I bought a four thousand gallon tank, bought some fish, and I was away again.  Then I got the chance to retrieve the fish which I had to leave behind at Ryhope.  At first I put them all in the tank, but since they were swimming shoulder to shoulder, I asked a professional to build me a decent-sized pond.  And here we have it.  There are something like thirty to forty fish in here (they refuse to stay still while I try to count them!).

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