Saturday 18 September 2010

Now You See It: Now ..... (posted 01/03/2010)

The sanctuary in my church, St Mary's, was 'brought up to date' a few years before I came to this parish, but as you can see it was not wrecked.  The High Altar is still in place, the altar rails are preserved - I found the altar gates in the boiler house, a bit the worse for the damp conditions but still serviceable - the front altar is heavy and of solid construction, actually I believe constructed from the old confessional and the old pulpit!

When I found the altar gates, I asked one of my parishioners to repair the slight damage and to clean them up. Another parishioner designed and fixed retractable wheels to the front altar.  Now one person can move the heavy front altar to the side of the sanctuary when I am about to celebrate Mass in the Extraordinary Form and the altar rails are moved forward to their original location.

Now the sanctuary is ready for the Traditional Latin Mass.

It is a delight and a blessing to be able to celebrate the Holy Mass in the place in which the builders of the church intended the Sacrifice to be offered. 
But that is another story, for another time, and quite a romantic story it is!

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