Thursday 30 September 2010

Barney Life No. 4 (posted 15/07/2010)

Friday July 9th
Some forty people, parishioners and friends, went to the Three Tuns, Egglestone, for a Buffet Meal plus entertainment, arranged by Kim Wallace and family.  Egglestone is a pretty little village about five miles west of Barnard Castle, up Teesdale.  Three Tuns 1 The Three Tuns stands at the heart of the village and the landlord is Denis Holmes, himself a parishioner.
The Buffet was a self-service meal; the food was piled high Three Tuns 2 and most plentiful - anyone who went hungry that evening had only himself to blame!.  The first course was followed by a varied sweet course. The queues for food were long.
Three Tuns 3 
Whilst the meal was being consumed, our genial compere, Andrew Nicholson, handed out quiz sheets which the tables and groups were invited to complete. 
When the meal had been cleared away, there followed a brief interlude, during which I stood up and told the story of Moses and the Children of Israel, in Geordie fashion, which is not exactly the true Bible story but probably a lot more laughs! After this, there came a game of Bingo, with the magnificent prizes of £2 for a line and £5 for a Full House. I left the proceedings at this point, but the entertainment went on until midnight.  Of course, there was also the Raffle, which is de rigeur on these occasions.  Indeed, a truly marvellous evening, enjoyed by all.
The whole point of this evening's meal and entertainment (apart from having an enjoyable evening) was to raise money for the Organ Fund. The church organ in St Mary's is in need of a complete overhaul, and it is likely to be very very expensive.  The Buffet Evening at the Three Tuns raised £220 (Bingo £45 and Raffle £175) plus a generous donation from Denis, mine host, of £100 - a total of £320.  So far, the Organ Fund has raised almost £6400.  We still have a long way to go.

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