Wednesday 15 September 2010

Out of Africa (Part Three)

Another email received on Sunday afternoon
From sanga sangayakulasanga
Sent: 03 January 2010 17.09

To:    Father Elkin
Subject: RE Happy Christmas

Dear Father Elkin,
Thank you so much for the Happy Christmas e-mail and for the wonderful news of the most generous donations. How very kind of the couple who had their golden wedding to send the £25 and for Denis to be so generous with his birthday money. Yes I did inform Mr Sanga and the orphans and I have said the three Hail Marys but please tell him that I will have Holy Mass said for him at Farnborough Benedictine Abbey.  This most kind donation will really help the orphans so very much especially at this time of year when there are so many payments to be made, school fees, uniforms, transport and so forth. Please do thank all the parishioners most sincerely on our behalf Father. I understand that you have a lot of snow up there, here it is bitterly cold but we have not had so much snow as you! We had very lovely Christmas and New Year celebrations. Now it is back to work. Keep up the great work Father and know that here at the Holy Ghost parish in Balham they had a triduum for the New Year for Youth 2000 it seems that it was a very great occasion with some young people saying that they felt that they had vocations to the priesthood and religious life! So hold on Father they are coming slowly!! God bless you and your great work Father. May God bless and reward all your generous and faithful parishioners and Denis and the Three Tuns apostolate.  May Our Lady ever keep you safe, in Her Motherly care. Very best wishes Father.  Sister Crucis.

Out of Africa (Part One) will be coming soon and will explain everything!

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