Tuesday 14 September 2010

My Dog Storm

According to his medical record, Storm is a mixture of Saluki,
lurcher and greyhound. He is also a “rescue” dog. meaning
 that he was picked up after wandering around the streets
 of a local town for several weeks and taken to a dog 
pound. It was from there that I took him  home.  He was
 then undernourished, traumatized and unsocialised. Now
he allows a few people (but only women!) to stroke him.
 He  is probably about four and a half years old.
  Incidentally, he is called Storm, because he was
 picked up during a tremendous thunderstorm, wet,
 bedraggled and physically in a bad way – he just escaped
 being euthanised.  I am so pleased a lady who loves
lurchers interceded for him – because now he is MINE!
 I have been looking after him now for four years.  This
 photo was taken a couple of years ago.  More about him later.

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