Thursday 30 September 2010

Barney Life No. 3 (posted 12/07/2010)

Sunday July 11th
This Sunday afternoon, at the usual time of 2 pm, I celebrated the Sacrament of Baptism for only about the third time this year (there again I have only buried four people in Barney so far this year!).  The baby was Lucas Joseph Levandowski.  Quite a crowd of family and friends attended the event. (Before taking these photos, I advised anyone who did not want to appear on my blog to attend to their shoe-laces!)
Lev 4       Lev 3
Lucas was apparently very happy with being in church - at first; but once he had to sit still for the ceremony, he began to object strenuously, and he continued to object throughout the ceremony.  Still, a strong pair of lungs in opposition doesn't stop me from completing the Baptism, and all was well in the end.
Lev 1      Lev 2

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